5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! April 22nd is a global holiday celebrating our beautiful planet. We hope that you celebrate and take action to protect our earth not only today but every day.

We’re excited to share a few simple ways you can help celebrate Earth Day here in Bentonville, Arkansas.

1. Trail Clean-Up

In Northwest Arkansas, we are so lucky to be home to MANY wonderful trails. Today, try and take a break for an afternoon walk. Bring a friend and a bag to collect trash along your stroll.

2. Dig a little

Find a community garden and get your hands dirty. Plant something or simply pull some weeds. Doesn’t matter your age, skill level, or how much time you spend doing it. What matters is you’re doing something that makes an impact.

3. Take a Hike

Arkansas is known as “the natural state” for a reason and a good reason at that. All 6 regions of our green state are home to beautiful parks perfect for hiking or camping. Today would be a great day to explore these places!

4. Ditch your car

While this is easier for some more than others if you are able to bike or walk today instead of hoping in your car, do it! If you aren’t able to ditch your car completely, carpooling with a friend or coworker is also a great way to reduce pollution and preserve fuel.

5. Buy From Farmers

Visit a local farm for this week’s grocery needs and make a meal from fresh herbs and vegetables. The farmers market is a great way to meet and support local farmers. Make plans to attend the market this Wednesday or Saturday!

See how Brick Avenue Lofts is celebrating Earth Day every day here!

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