Bentonville Learning Experiences That Build Community

Remember that time you did karate as a kid or the time you took up dance and made instant
friends? That awe of learning a new skill with people we don’t know is just as fulfilling as an
adult. Workshops and classes make for a fun way to make new friends while learning
something new. Bentonville is home to experiences that allow us to become more capable and
make new friends!

5th Street Studio
The place to find your zen while exploring the craft of pottery making. Whether an experienced
potter or completely new to the art this space, nestled right next to Airship coffee, is a
treasure! Join in a day-long workshop or a seasonal class series to really hone your skill and
build friendships over time. A place to get your hands dirty and connect to your inner artist!

Hillfolk Textile Studio + Shop
Let your creativity bloom and become a maker at Hillfolk. Host to workshops that empower us
to become more self-sufficient; Hillfolk workshops feature incredibly talented local artists who
share their knowledge in each class. Want to learn how to hand-dye fabric, mend your own
clothes, paint with wool, or sun-print silk? Meet incredible people and find community here.
Sign up for emails to be in the know then come to Open Craft Nights on Wednesday to build
friendships and work on your projects!

Airship Practical Tasting, Brewing and Espresso Skills Course
Speaking of Airship being right around the corner…If you’re dying to let your inner barista shine
through then jump into the Airship Practical Tasting, Brewing and Espresso Skills Course.
Educating participants on brewing and espresso fundamentals, manipulating extraction and
milk steaming basics this class is meant for anyone wanting a deeper dive into coffee. Come
together with fellow coffee connoisseurs to learn everything you need to know to competently
step behind the bar (and wow your friends on your next coffee date).

Markham & Fitz Chocolate Making Classes
If you have a passionate love for chocolate Markham & Fitz is the place to be! This bean-to-bar
chocolate maker is a Bentonville treasure. Offering chocolate making classes periodically you
don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn how to craft your own chocolate creation! Who
doesn’t want to make friends while eating chocolate?! Get on their email list to stay up to date.

Sweet Freedom Cheese
Cheese lovers flock to Sweet Freedom! It’s not only the go-to place for making cheese
purchases; the Cheese Mongers here teach you how to make your own! For anyone wanting to
learn to make mozz at home take the Mozzarella Making Workshop. Wanting to learn about
cheeses, or what pairs best with beer or chocolate? Take one of their pairing classes or Cheese
101. A definite go to for any foodie!

Bentonville is a unique blend of down to earth relationships and eye-opening experiences.
Relationships with people in community make us feel most at home so get out and learn
something while cultivating friendships!

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