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Everything you Need to Know About Indoor Air Quality

Today, we are answering all of your questions about Indoor Air Quality and how it plays into LEED Certification and living at Brick Avenue Lofts. Let’s start with the basics! What is Indoor Air Quality? Indoor Air Quality or IAQ refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates…

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How to Minimize Waste in your Kitchen

According to The World Counts, we throw away “60 tons of household waste a second” and, by 2050, household waste will increase by 70 percent, reaching 3.4 billion tons a year. This means that “waste generation will outpace population growth by more than double.” We thought now was a good time to reexamine our waste…

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Coping with the COVID-19 Crisis

While Tiger King is sure to keep you entertained during quarantine, we wanted to provide you with some other ways to get you through the crisis. Check out our top picks (after Tiger King, of course) below! Cultivate Gratitude For many, this is a tough time, but it can be restorative to reflect on all…

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Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas

Since going out is off the table, we’ve compiled some stay-at-home date night ideas for you and your partner to get you through the long days of quarantine. Get Crafty Together Why not draw her like one of your French girls? Unless you are a terrible artist, then maybe don’t draw her. Luckily though, there…

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5 Tips for Working from Home

If you typically work from home then you would probably agree that how you begin your day is oftentimes a good indicator of how the rest of your day is going to go. It’s why they say that successful people make their beds in the morning. So what other things can we do, apart from…

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How to Live Big in Small(er) Places

A common concern when looking for a new home tends to be having enough space or storage space. While Brick Avenue Lofts is blessed with deep shelving and impressive walk-in closets, the way one arranges and uses their space is oftentimes the difference between chaos and order, between struggling to find your keys on the…

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5 Things to do in Bentonville when it’s Cold Outside

We don’t know about everyone else, but we are ready for warmer weather. However, we have had some lows as of late and probably some more yet to come. In order to get you all through this last bit of winter, we put together some suggestions while the chill is still in the air. If…

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The Gathering Table Event Recap

Ashley Sutterfield of The Local Table brought The Gathering Table to Brick Avenue Lofts on January 31st. The Gathering Table offers an opportunity to connect with people over local fare and guided discussion. For this event, Ashley asked us to consider the meaning of ‘home.’ Normally, Ashley’s table is capped at 12 seats. However, this…

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Last Construction Update!

Happy first week of fall! The heated saltwater pool is open for a few more weeks and then it’s time for residents to trade in their bathing suits and floats for a blanket and s’mores by the outdoor fireplace. Fall in Bentonville Arkansas is something to get excited about! September is a big month for…

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