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People Behind The Place: Ryan Hale

From Brick Avenue Loft’s early planning stages, Ryan Hale, founder of Laneshift, has advised the Brick Avenue Lofts development team on how to make the property more bike friendly and to expand existing bike infrastructure in the city. Sarah King of Specialized Real Estate Group sat down with Ryan to talk about his role in creating…

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May Construction Update

While our future residents are packing boxes getting ready for their new home, we’ve been working around the clock to make sure everything is ready to go! We are so excited for things to finally start feeling like a neighborhood around here and can’t wait for many to join us soon! In the meantime, here’s…

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5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! April 22nd is a global holiday celebrating our beautiful planet. We hope that you celebrate and take action to protect our earth not only today but every day. We’re excited to share a few simple ways you can help celebrate Earth Day here in Bentonville, Arkansas. 1. Trail Clean-Up In Northwest Arkansas,…

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Small Spaces: Gardening Ideas

Since Spring has officially sprung!  It’s time to forget about last years long line of plant casualties and start fresh on your apartment horticultural endeavors. However, let’s not get too crazy and accidentally overcommit. Start small with easy to maintain plants or simple herbs that reside on your counter to boost your green confidence. Or…

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Making Moves: Tricks & Tips For A Smooth Move

Moving into a new apartment is exciting, but it’s also categorized as one of the most stressful life events. Let’s be real, moving shouldn’t be stressful! It should be exciting to move into a new place, so let’s dive into a few ways that will get you moving smarter and not harder. Pack before you…

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March Construction Update

Brick Avenue Lofts is a new neighborhood in Bentonville, Arkansas opening its doors this May. The construction site is buzzing with activity and I went to check out the progress. Slow closing cabinet doors and shiny spiral staircases are being installed, the pool is being dug out, and lots of mud is being cleaned up….

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Starting And Maintaining Apartment Minimalism

Creating a home free of clutter and excess is not something that happens overnight and it’s certainly not suited for everyone. But if you’ve recently binge-watched the most recent Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” and you’re looking to rid your home of the unnecessary and only keep the things that “spark joy” then…

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Making The Most Of Your Studio Apartment

Making The Most Of Your Studio Apartment If you are part of the 2.6% of Americans that reside in a cozy studio apartment, you understand the benefits of having less to clean, lower utility bills, and the ability to watch Netflix no matter where you are in the apartment. You also know how important it…

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People Behind The Place: Meredith Hendricks

It’s 18º out and we’re on a construction site wearing our hardhats and high-visibility vests. We’re here to see Meredith Hendricks, a sustainability consultant who works for Entegrity, an Arkansas sustainability and energy services company. The mud that usually mires our feet is frozen into miniature peaks and valleys. Workers unload cypress siding from a…

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Brick Avenue Launch

Brick Avenue Lofts is new to the Bentonville scene and here to create a better a way of living through convenience and community. Located less than a mile from all things Bentonville such as the Square, 8th Street Market, Crystal Bridges and so much more. We cannot wait to give you all the great parts…

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