People Behind The Place: Cory Amos

Meet Cory Amos, Project Manager at Modus Studio. Being the Project Manager means Cory has had his hands in everything at Brick Avenue Lofts from the first site plan sketches all the way through the coworking space layout and finishes. He joined Modus Studio in 2014 and immediately began working alongside Specialized Real Estate Group. Cory is passionate about urban design and is able to bring his passion and skill together on large projects. Cory’s first project with Specialized Real Estate Group was a mixed-use multifamily neighborhood. Aside from being a really great architect, Cory started a revolution known as “Pizza & Beer”, but that’s a story for another day.

What space at Brick Avenue Lofts are you excited to see come to life when residents move in?

“I personally like the corner units with the brick screen. The way the dappled light comes into the kitchen is really phenomenal. I am also excited about the feature wall in the coworking space that uses a wall covering from an amazing local company.”

How is Brick Avenue Lofts different than other projects you’ve done?

“The cypress facades will patina as they age turning from gold to a silver gray. I love the fact that this will be a really dynamic change over the years, but on the flip side, the brick will stay constant. It will only get better with time.”

What do you do when you’re not working on Brick Avenue?

“I really love to climb. If you live in the Ozarks and haven’t witnessed some of the amazing climbing spots locally, you’re not doing it right. I highly recommend Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Fern, or if you want to do something really local then checkout Lincoln Lake.”

Cory Amos believes that a built environment plays a vital role in constructing a truly sustainable future through social, ecological, and economic means. Brick Avenue Lofts would not be the thoughtful, sustainable, and unique neighborhood it has become without his involvement.

If you would like to experience the brick screen and cypress facades for yourself, schedule a tour here.

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