Small Spaces: Gardening Ideas

Since Spring has officially sprung!  It’s time to forget about last years long line of plant casualties and start fresh on your apartment horticultural endeavors. However, let’s not get too crazy and accidentally overcommit. Start small with easy to maintain plants or simple herbs that reside on your counter to boost your green confidence. Or if you’re already feeling really confident in your garden skills, turn your entire rooftop deck at Brick Avenue Lofts apartments in Bentonville, Arkansas into your own private urban farm!

Create a layered garden by purchasing stack planters, using plant stands, and hanging pots. This magical layered garden takes up less square footage on your balcony or in your home. It’s like stadium seating, but instead of bleachers, you have luscious plants! This works especially well on balconies and patios with unused corners.

Vertical gardens are becoming more and more popular among apartment dwellers and it’s easy to see why!  At Brick Avenue Lofts, your balcony or patio will be the perfect place to start a vertical garden. These gardens are a great way to utilize well-lit areas of your apartment and balcony. While they can be on the more pricey side if you get a fancy schmancy vertical aeroponic growing systems such as this one, you can also keep it simple and get something like this! Or for a different approach, research some different types of ‘climbing plants’, and create a small structure or buy a trellis for them to climb up! We also found this cute DIY peg garden. It might be the perfect utilization of wall space.

Ok, now it’s time for you to give your horticultural career another shot! Or maybe you’re realizing enough plants have suffered and it’s time to retire…That’s fine too! We have an urban farm (and lots of other cool amenities) for that reason. Lastly, you HAVE to stop by Matkins Greenhouse in Bentonville to find your future green roommates. Good luck and be sure to share your horticultural loft endeavors by tagging us @brickavelofts. 


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