Starting And Maintaining Apartment Minimalism

Creating a home free of clutter and excess is not something that happens overnight and it’s certainly not suited for everyone. But if you’ve recently binge-watched the most recent Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” and you’re looking to rid your home of the unnecessary and only keep the things that “spark joy” then let’s dive into a few easy ways to main the minimalist lifestyle!

Nice and easy

Set yourself up for success by giving yourself lots of time to reduce your water gun collection. We don’t suggest you purge your entire home immediately and paint every surface white and only keep a mattress on the floor with a aesthetically pleasing ivy type plant beside it basking in all the natural light. We suggest you take a more gradual approach because this is a lifestyle change.


What are your minimalism home goals? Is it to reduce the number of unnecessary items in your space? To keep the bare minimum and stop buying things you don’t actually need? Take some time to figure out your goals. There isn’t one “right” answer here so you can’t screw this up (let’s face it…. you probably can screw it up but just try not to). Set clear and attainable goals. For each goal, there should be a “why”, why are you getting rid of these things? To make your next big move easier? To live a more stress-free life? Make sure the goals make sense for your life and are achievable.


“But it’s on sale”

In order to maintain this minimalist lifestyle, you have to start making thoughtful buying decisions. Are you buying that fur hat because you need to keep your ears warm or because of the 60% off sale sticker on it? Give a little more thought into what you’re bringing into your home. It’s the totally un-fun not exciting step but your clutter-free home and stress level will thank you!


One of the great things about apartment dwelling is that you’re sort of forced into the minimalist lifestyle to some degree. Some people thrive in it more than others, but with some goal setting and reminders, anyone can do it! Tag us @brickavelofts as you take on minimal apartment living.


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